Where to Find Your Sequel

Sequel Professional Development. The business name didn’t come to me so easily at first. I was trying to identify a name that sums up what my clients were yearning for, how I could jump start their anticipation for positive change in their business, find clarity and a clear vision what will propel their business forward or even starting a business that they’ve been daydreaming about. These are people that already have the drive, a dream and don’t want to waste another second on letting things go to chance. They are looking for the next step, the next chapter to the story they’ve already begun to write. It’s their Sequel.

I’ve been in my client’s shoes.  I wasn’t a little girl that dreamt of her wedding day, I daydreamed about the day I would open the doors to my own business. I’ve known since I was six that I wanted an opportunity to be my own boss, be the shot caller, create something that people value with a style of my own that resonated with my kind of client, create a brand and service that was authentic and unique to me.

About ten years ago, I embarked on my process of creating that business. I won’t bore you with all the failed ideas and attempts I had. I spent money, time and effort all while keeping a full time job because I still had to support myself in my home state of Hawaii where we are diagnosed with one of the highest cost of living in the country.

It took a while for me to learn that my failed attempts were not bad business ideas, nor was it not having enough start-up funds or simply bad timing for the market. It was me! I wasn’t self-aware enough to know where I shined, where I needed expertise and support, when I needed to get unstuck and when I needed a swift kick in the butt to get me going.  It was only after I enlisted the help of two coaches that I gained traction in such a way that I’ve built my business, started making money in a few months, kept my full time job which I love AND still was able to be a mommy and wife of my growing family. Who says you can’t have it all?!

But this site is about YOU. I’m revving to go on giving you hints, tips, hacks, and methods to self-awareness to jump start the most important part of your business. You are the most important part of your business. You set the tone, curate the ideas, manage the direction for your team, and ultimately accountable for making your business a success. My goal for this blog is to challenge, motivate, inspire and find clarity for you CEO, business owner, business leader, ruler of your universe so you can write, complete and smile at your next chapter. What is your Sequel? Subscribe below to get your tank filled.

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