Proverbs and Productivity


The mission:

Proverbs and Productivity is designed to support the modern Christian working-woman with tools for personal purpose, professional development and overall success by being rooted in the wisdom of the Bible, namely the Book of Proverbs.


The backstory:

I’m truly amazed at how the Holy Spirit works. I was individually coaching a handful of driven and outstanding female clients, all in various stages of their purpose, career and entrepreneurial work. Although their goals, challenges and motivations were very different, the common thread that I identified in their character reflected the life of the Proverbs 31 woman…virtuous, industrious and fearless. I found this commonality so powerful and intriguing and knew that these women would benefit from being in community with each other as well as a strong coaching curriculum based on growth, success and change rooted in the wisdom in the book of Proverbs. This group of women became the first Proverbs and Productivity group.




The Proverbs and Productivity program is based on Proverbs 16:3:

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”

This program supports women like you get in getting laser focused on the tough topics that if not truly explored and addressed, will be an obstacle in our productivity and success.

•    The Christian woman in the modern world
•    Your true purpose
•    Goal setting, identifying resources and self-development
•    Motivation and accountability
•    Self-care and self-knowledge

I want to bring Proverbs and Productivity to the virtual world to professional Christian women around the world.

I’m thrilled to offer the flagship Proverbs and Productivity program in options that are created for wherever you are in your professional or personal journey.  



$250/each month for six months

I’ve taken the in-person Proverbs and Productivity group coaching to the digital world! P&P women can now meet once a month, online and participate in the P&P flagship six-month coaching program. We meet virtually, and you’ll experience an environment where:

  1. You’ll understand you’re not alone, that there are other driven and Christ-centered women that have stories to write, to live and to share.
  2. You’ll have support, accountability, and motivation from like-minded Christian professional women. You’ll be amazed at the resources and talent in our virtual room.
  3. You’ll be a contributor to other P&P women. God gave you gifts girl! Share it!
  4. You’ll find non-judgmental, respectful, and real discussions. Asking and exploring the difficult questions and topics are what gets you as the P&P woman to grow, have courage and learn more about yourself.
  5. You’ll gain keen awareness about yourself (and others) through a personalized Myers-Briggs type assessment. 
  6. You have full-access to modern coaching technology to communicate with me as your coach, set action items with deadlines, communicate with other group members and 

It’s also important to not forget about your individuality and the specific needs you have. In between monthly meetings there will be a 30-minute individual coaching call between you and I to keep you moving, foster growth through exploration and experimentation and conquer your next steps and action items.

Your investment of $250/month ensures that you are committed to your purpose, that you are investing in accountability measures to move you forward with your calling, and that you have access to the combined knowledge, expertise and supportive spirit of a group of Christ-centered women. Invest in yourself.

“She considers a field and buys it: out of her earnings she plants a vineyard.” Proverbs 31:16. 




If you want to make progress in your purpose, career, or in your business AND want to participate in the P&P program scheduled around your time AND have the value of individual coaching to keep you on track, then this option is created for you!

I’ve translated the flagship Proverbs and Productivity program in a 6-module self-study. Each module will be delivered to your email inbox weekly for you to get your hands in prayer, head in the game and heart on your purpose. You’ll receive P&P weekly worksheets and inspiration to propel your efforts and actions forward AND you’ll have my full, undivided attention during two 30-minute calls scheduled during your 6-week program to help you get unstuck, motivated and moving.

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You’ll receive the valuable Proverbs and Productivity 6-module program sent right to your email each week. Get deep into topics from the flagship program, download the worksheets and set aside some time to learn and apply the wisdom that the book of Proverbs brings to your personal plan and goals.

You’ll be taken through a process of gaining an acute sense of self-awareness so that you can tailor your goals and action items and learn more about your motivations to gain traction in pursuing your calling.

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